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Editorial Team

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Chief Editor: Lin Lee, DPhil

Lin joined BMC Medicine in late 2010 starting as Assistant Editor, having previously completed a DPhil at the University of Oxford using fruit flies to model the neurodegenerative disease Spinal Muscular Atrophy. She has interests in global health and policy, and non-communicable diseases. Lin in based in the London office. 

Associate Editor: Layla Mohammed Hadi, PhD

Layla joined Springer Nature in November 2021 initially working in Nature Communications before moving to BMC Medicine in February 2022. She completed her doctoral studies at University College London, where she focused on nanomedicine and cancer therapy. Layla has since held postdoctoral positions at University College London and Imperial College London where she studied the applications of nanoparticles with combined optical and therapeutic properties in 3D colorectal and pancreatic cancer models as well as the applications of intelligent knife (iknife) system for the rapid and accurate diagnosis of endometrial cancer. She is interested in translational research, oncology, infectious diseases, endocrinology and metabolism, and public health. Layla is based at the London office.

Senior Editor: Derek Anane, PhD 

Derek joined BMC Medicine in March 2022 having previously been a Senior Editor on The Lancet journal eClinicalMedicine. Prior to joining BMC Medicine he was also a Senior Editor on the BMC Series of journals. He received his PhD in Cell and Developmental Biology from UCL in 2012 working on the ways in which WNT proteins can mediate, control and regulate both the formation and growth of synapses in the memory centres of the brain. He also holds an MSC in the molecular biology and pathology of viruses from Imperial College and has an interest in neurology, Infectious diseases and public health. He is based at the London office. 

Senior Editor: Ciarán Martin Fitzpatrick PhD

Ciarán is a Senior Editor at BMC Medicine. Previously a BMC Series Editor on clinical medicine titles that included BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, he entered academia by researching preclinical models of psychiatry and neuropharmacology at University of Copenhagen. Nowadays, his main passions are open science and championing patient and public engagement in research. He looks forward to handling robust and reproducible science related to cardiology, rheumatology and psychiatry.