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Table 1 Parameter main analysis values

From: Bayesian adaptive algorithms for locating HIV mobile testing services

Parameters Values
Overall population Simulate from lognormal distribution based on 2010 Lusaka, Zambia census
Grid dimensions 6 × 6
Level of correlation, percentage of hotspots in grid Low, 20% (on average)
Percentage of new infections (times zone population divided by 365 days) 0.66%
Percentage of new HIV-negative arrivals (times zone population divided 365 days) 3.4%
Days until return to unobserved, uninfected pool 45
Initial observed HIV+/HIV (priors for TS) Beta(1, 1)
Initial observed HIV+/HIV (priors for ICAR/BYM during learning period) Beta(1, 1)
Intercept (priors for ICAR/BYM) Normal(0, 2.85)
Priors for ICAR and exchangeable random effects Inverse-Gamma(3, 2)
Days of testing 180
Tests per day 25
  1. BYM Besag York Mollié, ICAR intrinsic conditional autoregressive, TS Thompson sampling