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Research: Violent experiences and mental health status of Syrian refugees in Greece

A survey of Syrian refugees en route to – and after arrival in – Greece revealed a high prevalence of violent experiences and anxiety disorders, and a low level of access to legal information.

Research: Lactate clearance as prognostic marker of mortality

In a secondary data analysis of severely ill febrile children in the FEAST trial, Hyperlactataemia is a strong risk factor for death at 72h, in children with severe febrile illness in Africa. Use of lactate and lactate clearance could identify children with severe disease.

Debate: Hospital mortality data in LMICs as a marker of health system quality

Hospital mortality data is a rich source of information that could be leveraged by LMICs to better understand disease burden, and inform health system performance and variability.

Featured collection: World TB Day

Focusing on advances in TB prevention, diagnosis and management, this World TB Day article collection is open throughout 2018 for submissions.  The theme of 2018 World TB Day is “Unite to End TB.” 

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    Authors: Linden Disney-Hogg, Alex J. Cornish, Amit Sud, Philip J. Law, Ben Kinnersley, Daniel I. Jacobs, Quinn T. Ostrom, Karim Labreche, Jeanette E. Eckel-Passow, Georgina N. Armstrong, Elizabeth B. Claus, Dora Il’yasova, Joellen Schildkraut, Jill S. Barnholtz-Sloan, Sara H. Olson, Jonine L. Bernstein…

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Potential predatory and legitimate biomedical journals: can you tell the difference? A cross-sectional comparison
Larissa Shamseer, David Moher, Onyi Maduekwe, Lucy Turner, Virginia Barbour, Rebecca Burch, Jocalyn Clark, James Galipeau, Jason Roberts and Beverley J. Shea  
Published: 16th March 2017

Procalcitonin-guided diagnosis and antibiotic stewardship revisited
Ramon Sager, Alexander Kutz, Beat Mueller and Philipp Schuetz
Published: 24th January 2017

The potential impact of Brexit and immigration policies on the GP workforce in England: a cross-sectional observational study of GP qualification region and the characteristics of the areas and population they served in September 2016
Aneez Esmail, Maria Panagioti and Evangelos Kontopantelis
Published: 16th November 2017

The potential impact of food taxes and subsidies on cardiovascular disease and diabetes burden and disparities in the United States
José L. Peñalvo, Frederick Cudhea, Renata Micha, Colin D. Rehm, Ashkan Afshin, Laurie Whitsel, Parke Wilde, Tom Gaziano, Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard, Martin O’Flaherty, Simon Capewell and Dariush Mozaffarian
Published: 27th November 2017

Emerging concepts in liquid biopsies
Samantha Perakis and Michael R. Speicher
Published: 6th April 2017

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Cancer immunotherapy: the beginning of the end of cancer?
Sofia Farkona, Eleftherios P. Diamandis and Ivan M. Blasutig
Published: 5th May 2016

Cancer and fertility preservation: international recommendations from an expert meeting
Matteo Lambertini, Lucia Del Mastro, Maria C. Pescio, Claus Y. Andersen, Hatem A. Azim Jr., Fedro A. Peccatori, Mauro Costa, Alberto Revelli, Francesca Salvagno, Alessandra Gennari, Filippo M. Ubaldi, Giovanni B. La Sala, Cristofaro De Stefano, W. Hamish Wallace, Ann H. Partridge and Paola Anserini
Published: 4th January 2016

The impact of migration on tuberculosis epidemiology and control in high-income countries: a review
Manish Pareek, Christina Greenaway, Teymur Noori, Jose Munoz and Dominik Zenner
Published: 23rd March 2016

Advances in immunotherapy for melanoma
Jason M. Redman, Geoffrey T. Gibney and Michael B. Atkins
Published: 6th February 2016

The global threat of Zika virus to pregnancy: epidemiology, clinical perspectives, mechanisms, and impact
Phillipe Boeuf, Heidi E. Drummer, Jack S. Richards, Michelle J. L. Scoullar and James G. Beeson
Published: 3rd August 2016

Source: Web of Science

CONSORT 2010 Statement: updated guidelines for reporting parallel group randomised trials
Kenneth F Schulz, Douglas G Altman and David Moher
Published: 24 March 2010

Toward the future of psychiatric diagnosis: the seven pillars of RDoC
Bruce N Cuthbert and Thomas R Insel
Published: 14 May 2013

Collagen reorganization at the tumor-stromal interface facilitates local invasion
Paolo P Provenzano, Kevin W Eliceiri, Jay M Campbell, David R Inman, John G White and Patricia J Keely
Published: 26 December 2006

miR-124 and miR-137 inhibit proliferation of glioblastoma multiforme cells and induce differentiation of brain tumor stem cells
Joachim Silber, Daniel A Lim, Claudia Petritsch, Anders I Persson, Alika K Maunakea, Mamie Yu, Scott R Vandenberg, David G Ginzinger, C David James, Joseph F Costello, Gabriele Bergers, William A Weiss, Arturo Alvarez-Buylla and J Graeme Hodgson
Published: 24 June 2008

Cross-national epidemiology of DSM-IV major depressive episode
Evelyn Bromet, Laura Helena Andrade, Irving Hwang, Nancy A Sampson, Jordi Alonso, Giovanni de Girolamo, Ron de Graaf, Koen Demyttenaere, Chiyi Hu, Noboru Iwata, Aimee N Karam, Jagdish Kaur, Stanislav Kostyuchenko, Jean-Pierre Lépine, Daphna Levinson, Herbert Matschinger, Maria Elena Medina Mora, Mark Oakley Browne, Jose Posada-Villa, Maria Carmen Viana, David R Williams and Ronald C Kessler
Published: 26 July 2011

Source Web of Science

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